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Buzzeff.tv was founded in 2011 in Casablanca and expanded in 2013 to Dubai, covering Middle East & Africa region. With highly engaged team members, we help brands to connect with targeted audiences within premium publishing network.


Brands have now access to the most effective reach in MEA region with Buzzeff.tv services. Premium inventory at scale, safe brand environment, targeted audience, multiscreen and frequency capping, competitive costing models, native video stream and content relevant… are some of the benefits that made Buzzeff.tv a strong partner of more than 200 brands that have trusted us already.


Buzzeff.tv has partnered with the most premium publishers in MEA region. 50 high-end publishers providing quality inventory at scale, professional content, key verticals as female, male, sport, news, lifestyle… Publishers are monetizing their premium inventory at the best value, caring about users experience with skipable native video stream, providing live data targeting that continuously enhance brands’ reach and overall building long term beneficial relationship to all parties.


Buzzeff.tv provides MEA market with a unique native video stream solution. Using a delegate platform technology, it enables to distribute the video advertising within the heart of the content, contextually relevant (sport brands advertise in sport section), innovative format, multi-device screen enabled, view to play model and programmatic to smooth the business flow for brands, publishers and media agencies.


Media agencies are Buzzeff.tv clients on behalf of the brands. A strong partnership has been built over years of cooperation with the planning teams to support them with the most effective solutions, with the buying teams to support them with competitive pricing policies and with regional leadership teams to build the market future with key initiatives as programmatic and data.

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Multi-cultural team members from diversified backgrounds are bringing all together their skills and experiences to better serve all stakeholders and get the job done. Area of expertise are AdNetworks management, sales and operations execution.


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Office Address

25 boulevard Al Massira Al Khadra -
20100 Casablanca – Maroc

Phone Number

+ 212 (0) 522 23 28 40


Office Address

Dubai Internet City
Alpha holding building (EMC²) - Office 310. P.O. Box 50046 Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone Number

+971 (0) 4 4344 234

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25 Boulevard Al Massira Al Khadra, Casablanca, Maroc

25 Boulevard Al Massira Al Khadra, Casablanca, Maroc

Alfa Bldg - Dubai - Émirats arabes unis

Alfa Bldg - Dubai - Émirats arabes unis